Green Construction Afrique is proud to unveil its premium model brick press, the Green Smooth Machine, which makes Eco Bricks easier and faster.

Designed and developed by Green Construction Afrique and released in May 2017, Green Smooth Machine (GSM) 0517 is a brick press machine that presses Eco Bricks. GSM has an approximate daily production capacity of 1500 bricks per day. 

GSM is designed for the production of soil-compressed bricks with no human effort. It uses a double hydraulic circuit to exert a pressure of 5 atm (50 ton/m²) on a mixture of soil and cement. Other mixtures and binders can be used as well. Due to the massive pressure exerted by the machine, very little cement is needed to create highly compacted stable bricks.

The press is designed to produce interlocking bricks with two holes in each brick. The holes serve as conduits for plumbing and electricity during construction. The interlocking bricks are efficient in dry stack construction with reinforcement done by inserting cement mortar into the holes in the bricks.

Easy to use and maintain

Very little effort and man power is required to operate the machine. Due to the automatic mixture filler, two individuals working on the machine wil produce up to 1500 bricks a day. 

GSM is modular and portable, and can be dismantled and moved to the construction site to eliminate the expense and hassle of transporting bricks. It is easy to maintain as it has a simple hydraulic circuit which uses common hydraulic fluids available on the market. 

The machine is available in two models. One model uses and electric motor, while the other uses a diesel motor.

More Information, Placing your Order

To learn more about the machine and place your order, please contact us.

More Information, Placing your Order

To learn more about the machine and place your order, please contact us.


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Cutting building costs by up to 40%

By making good use of new low-energy consumption technologies and reliable, cost-effective building materials (and the exclusion of cement mortar, plaster, and paint, due to the nature of our Eco Bricks), we're able to cut building costs considerably to save you money.