Green Construction Afrique offers a variety of Eco Bricks - and because they interlock with each other, they don't need cement mortar.

What are Eco Bricks?

Eco Bricks are eco-friendly brick/block solutions that are soil-stablised.

They are created by mixing a dash of cement and local soil (in a ratio of between 12:1 and 18:1, depending on the quality of the soil) and water, and then compacting the mix into blocks using a pressing machine.

The advantage of Eco Bricks (soil stablised, compared to hollow concrete blocks) comes in because they have 'keys', which interlock in the other blocks. Thus, the walls that are built with them offer more resistance to shear, and buildings become be much stronger. They better resist earthquakes, without major damages.

Eco Building

Green Construction Afrique will be building two 'social' homes in each town where GCA operations are launched. These homes will be fully owned by GCA, and will create employment opportunities, and contribute to Cameroon's ever-growing tourism sector.

Green Construction Afrique is also aligned with governments plan to construct residential homes, with burnt bricks.

Our Eco Bricks

Cutting building costs by up to 40%

By making good use of new low-energy consumption technologies and reliable, cost-effective building materials (and the exclusion of cement mortar, plaster, and paint, due to the nature of our Eco Bricks), we're able to cut building costs considerably to save you money.