We provide a wide array of products and services that contribute to a greener Cameroon and, hence, a greener world for all.

Green Smooth MachineGreen Smooth Machine

Designed by Green Construction Afrique and released in May 2017, Green Smooth Machine (GSM) 0517 is a brick-press machine that presses soil-stabilised blocks, or Eco Bricks. GSM has an approximate daily production capacity of 2500 bricks per day.

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Green Smart Standard (Oct 2014)Green Smart Standard (Oct 2014)

Released in October 2014, Green Smart Standard (GSS) 1014 makes soil-stabilised blocks, or Eco Bricks, which are interlocking, and do not need cement mortar when building. The machine has a production capacity of approximately 1500 bricks per day. Green Construction Afrique offers training on the use of the machine as well as construction with the bricks to customers at an affordable rate.

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Soil-Stabilised Blocks (Eco Bricks)Soil-Stabilised Blocks (Eco Bricks)

To save money, and be eco-friendly, we distribute soil-stablised bricks/blocks (SSBs, or, Eco Bricks) to our customers, which are a viable alternative to the more expensive materials, like standard bricks and stone.

SSBs are created by mixing a dash of cement and local soil (at a ratio of 1:10, respectively) and water, and then compacting the mix into blocks using a pressing machine.

We also provide the brick-pressing machines (EcoSmart), for those who would like to create their own bricks.

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Imperma 100 Brick Protection FluidImperma 100 Brick Protection Fluid

Imperma 100 is a deeply-penetrating water repellent fluid for bricks, stones, and concrete. Due to its fluid-based formulation, it is able to penetrate more deeply into its target than standard liquid-applied water seal products.

It is fluid is easy to apply using a brush or roller, and only a single coat application is required - many competing water repellent products require two coats.

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Soil Homogenisers/Grinders (Eco Duster)Soil Homogenisers/Grinders (Eco Duster)

Soil grinders prepare soil samples to designated particle sizes for accurate, repeatable test results. They use blender-like instruments (very similar to what we use in the kitchen), as well as bead mills, and sonication/ultrasonic equipment.

Soil Cement Mixers (Eco Mix)Soil Cement Mixers (Eco Mix)

Soil-cement is a highly compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, cement, and water, and is widely used as a low-cost pavement base for roads, residential streets, parking areas, airports, shoulders, and materials-handling and storage areas.

Green Construction Afrique provides the mixers that put everything together.

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More GCA Solutions

Green Construction Afrique also provides the following products and services:

  • EcoRamp: Conveyors for factory setup
  • EcoRoof: Micro-concrete roofing tiles
  • Floor and pavement tiling
  • Design and construction of houses; project management
  • Concrete paving
  • Affordable concrete tables
  • Cement brick forms for compressed bricks
  • Factory setup
  • Work wear for factory workers, including boots, helmets, safety goggles, trousers, and eco-branded shirts

Cutting building costs by up to 40%

By making good use of new low-energy consumption technologies and reliable, cost-effective building materials (and the exclusion of cement mortar, plaster, and paint, due to the nature of our Eco Bricks), we're able to cut building costs considerably to save you money.