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Green Smooth Machine

Featured Solution

Green Smooth Machine

GCA is proud to unveil its premium model brick press, the Green Smooth Machine, which aids in making Soil-stabilised Blocks (or, Eco Bricks). This enhanced machine has a production capacity of 2500 bricks a day. With an automated mixture filler, physical effort is reduced to a basic minimum.

Cutting building costs by up to 40%

By making good use of new low-energy consumption technologies and reliable, cost-effective building materials (and the exclusion of cement mortar, plaster, and paint, due to the nature of our Eco Bricks), we're able to cut building costs considerably to save you money.

Let's consider the key benefits:

We supply eco-friendly products. By using them, you are contributing to a greener world.

Our projects contribute to the greater good of the government's plan to build better housing.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and outstanding solutions to our clients.

Professional training courses on eco-construction is provided by our experienced team.